Real Golf
Real Golf

Remember when you were in highschool and you were a competitor in some sport?
Remember the preparations you had to make to get ready?
Remember how your nerves would hit your stomach?
Stop playing one scramble this year and play a competitive game of golf!

  The Leelanau Club at Bahle Farms

Traverse City Golf and Country Club

June 22nd we are playing at the inclusive and refined Traverse City Golf and Country Club.  June 23rd, I am proud to annouce we are playing at the one course I think can really swallow an errant ball............lets welcome the beautiful Leelanau Club at Bahle Farms!

This year we are inviting our local high schoolers to play for a special price and a portion of your entry will provide them each a gift! It is our belief we should keep their competitiveness going strong after school!
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